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Our intelligent tools output structured data and insights to power your organization, no matter what platform.

Here’s how it works:
Any input

Capture audio using our standalone solutions, or upload from your own preferred source.

Automated, realtime documentation

Our algorithms generate clinically useful and billable documentation.

Next steps for patients

Patients review interactive transcripts of key conversation details.

Seamless API integrations

Companies use our technology to customize  clinical output for their needs.

The smartest choice for medical conversations

Here's how Abridge is better than traditional alternatives

Faster & cheaper than medical scribes

  • Less expensive

    Our all-tech solution enables access for entire systems and specialties, at a fraction of cost of traditional solutions.

  • Faster

    Abridge helps clinicians finish their notes quickly and easily, in real-time. No more waiting days for scribed documentation.

More effective than dictation tools

  • More efficient

    Abridge captures the conversation as it happens, so clinicians spend more time with patients, rather than valuable time dictating the details after the conversation.

  • More accurate

    Our AI-generated notes help clinicians systematically capture the details of the patient story. No more struggling to recall the facts.

And a better patient experience

  • More understanding and follow-through

    Abridge streamlines next steps for patients with actionable care plans and intelligent reminders.

  • Better care conversations

    Abridge captures the details of care so clinicians can focus on their patients, instead of screens.

Secure and trusted, from product to people


Our enterprise-grade technology is 100% HIPAA-compliant with multiple layers of security and controls.

Encrypted Data

All data is encrypted in-transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption to protect confidentiality and privacy.

Secure Cloud

All data is stored and processed within secure, US-based data centers to meet stringent security and availability requirements.

Stringent Security

Security starts with our people. All employees undergo background checks and complete role-specific training, and Abridge practices least-privilege access control.

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