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Abridge helps you get more from your medical conversations.

Clinical Notes  •  Structured Data & Insights  •  Patient Care Plans

Clinical notes

Documentation is a leading cause of clinician burnout and dissatisfaction. Abridge makes it easy to provide documentation support to everyone.

Scalable all-tech solution

Summarize conversations wherever care occurs and with whomever is providing care.

Real-time documentation

Help clinicians finish their notes quickly, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Flexible solutions

We have a solution for every need, whether it’s a full-stack solution or a solution integrated into existing technology.

Who we work with

  • Hospital systems
  • Telehealth companies
  • Payers
  • Clinics
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Structured data & insights

Risk bearing entities and health systems need more accurate data for risk-adjustment and population health analytics. Abridge makes it easy to get immediate, actionable insights.

Structured insights

Algorithms extract medical information and map it back to ontologies and codes.

Accurate data

Go from conversation to HCCs for risk adjustment or E&M coding for billing.

Real-time insights

Automate critical tasks faster with our realtime data streams, instead of waiting weeks or months for data to return.

Who we work with

  • Insurance Companies
  • Payers
  • Care Management Organizations
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Patient care plans

Patients forget up to 80% of the information they receive from doctors. With Abridge, patients can remember the details of their care.

More for patients

After-visit summaries

Comply with the information blocking rule and easily send patients care plans post-visit.

Continuity of care

AI-generated notes help clinicians systematically capture the details of the patient story.

Better patient outcomes

Help patients stay on top of their health with automated reminders for key next steps, like medication or appointment reminders.

Who we work with

All organizations and entities that improve patient care.

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